B2B Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles Website

Quantum Signal AI needed a new website after being acquired by Ford Autonomous Vehicles. Our challenge was to recruit talented engineers without disclosing confidential projects.

  • I created the website in WordPress
  • The CEO and I wrote short blog posts displaying the culture at QSAI
  • I took DSLR photos of the headquarters in the historic Saline Union School building
  • I worked with the HR Director to create content to recruit talented engineers
  • Engineers and I worked to create a lidar scan image for the home page
  • I wrote detailed documentation for editing the website when moving to my next role at a new company

Newly recruited engineers cited the blog posts as influential in their decision to apply to QSAI, and felt they had a good understanding of the company from the website.

  • B2B Tech
  • WordPress
  • Content Creation
  • Website Setup
  • Management/Maintenance
  • GA4 Analytics
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