Who is kliza?

Our mission is to create honestly beautiful things that make people smile.

Karen, owner of klizaDESIGN, has worked with a variety of industries, from real estate to health care to non-profits. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Fine Arts degree, with a concentration in Graphic Design. She loves taking the pieces of several ideas, and putting them together to form a complete solution, beautiful and full of power.

Kleeza? Klihza? How do you say that name?!
Kliza rhymes with Lyza. Be sure to ask where this name came from!

Our Design Process

We Learn About You

The most important step before starting your project is learning about you. We love to ask questions, and we love to listen. Finding out what makes your company special will help us HELP YOU. Learning the details of your project will also allow us to make a comprehensive estimate for our services. Each project is different and we want to give you the best value for your money.

We Learn Your Goals

We also take the time to discuss your goals and needs for your project, and whether the end product will meet these goals. Getting as many specifics as you can offer will make the end product stronger. After talking with you, we sit down to the drawing board to create a custom solution to meet your needs.

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We Handle the Rest!

When your project is ready, we are able to handle all communications with the printer or hosting service. This process requires knowledge, time and experience, and we have all three!

Finally, we will deliver the finished project to you. On time and ready to go!